Geodesic Dome Kits

for self-assembly

Event pop-ups, luxury accommodation pods,
greenhouses, immersive environments.
Create your own multi-purpose spaces.

Starting at: 2.850,00 EUR (+ Shipping)

F.Domes Classic

amazing DIY event spaces

Versatile, portable dome kits for any purpose:
events, pop-up shops, office spaces & more…

All-year, en-suite, portable

F.Domes Glamping

Rethink the hotel experience

Create luxury accommodation anywhere,
also in places where traditional hotels cannot be build.


Only 2.350,00 EUR - Order Now!

F.Domes Grow

complete growing space

Your own fruits & veg garden farm.
Grow fresh produce all-year, in any climate.

Pre-order Now!

HyperDome 360°

Hyper-real immersive spaces

Complete package for 360° interactive experiences,
virtual reality, entertainment, education, and more.