You love geodesic domes, but never found the right color? Stop right there. Now you can choose from a wide range of browns, tans, grays, and greens!

Some want shelters that are colored in earth tones because they find them less intrusive, while others look for something outstanding and unique. Sometimes, the color might be an issue withholding you from setting up a campsite or getting the dream garden you want. 

The thing is, you really want to set up this geodesic dome. But somehow, you can’t  and it has something to do with color. It can be that the color:

  • is too bold for your location;
  • is different from the ones approved in your conservation area;
  • does not meet the requirements of your Local Planning Authority;
  • does not meet your expectations;
  • does not match your desired application.

Whatever the reason, as long as you don’t find the right color to blend in with your background, you drop out. But why complicate things, when the solution is so simple.

With our 5 brand new dome colors to choose from — now you have the green light!

Scroll down to view full F.Domes color palette.

Available Covers:

Wondering how individual dome colors might look against a natural backdrop? View our models below!

Color Inspirations

Forest Green

Geodesic dome in Forest Green

More than just evergreen canvas, this color ideally blends into natural landscape. Fabulous for camping sites, caravan parks and the like.

Canyon Brown

Geodesic dome in Canyon Brown

Imagine this gem set seamlessly against mountain range backdrop. And now imagine a sweet scent of campfire smoke… Pure glamping!

Lake Gray

Geodesic dome in Lake Gray

Urban elegance taken to the woodlands. This color neatly complements lake and countryside views. Perfect as a sauna or hot tub cover.

Dune Cream

Geodesic dome in Dune Cream

Marvelous canvas, soft and uber-cosy. Made to be overlooking hot sandy beach, lulling waves and sunny skies.

Saudi Beige

Geodesic dome in Saudi Beige

Nothing finer than staying in this tent. Nestled in the sands of a desert, these canvas have a true back-to-nature vibe.

And last, but not least, our good old….

Snow White

Geodesic dome in Snow White

Winter favorite and a ’wow’ color for all seasons. Halfway between an icy igloo and a luxury snow dwelling, culminating in a glacier setting.

Which color(s) do you like best and why?

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